PICTORIAL: TPPM Event Highlights; Sylvester, Rugged, Payne Keelah, Josh & more

Last weekend on 1st April our very first TPPM campaign event to promote Mental Health and Poetry, Music Therapy happened. First of all, shout outs to every one who turned up for this social progress inspired event. We must say Therapeutic Purpose of Poetry and Music Tea Talk went down very well some what beyond the expected. Sylvester as a key panelist a long side UGBloc.com’s Josh made insightful communications. Rugged later joined and it was a wrap. Notable names like Nes G (spoke about Silent Depression), Shemy B, Payne Keelah all graced the event. Performances included budding poets, Shirley May, Kijanah and more. All the performers gave there all and it was so elevating.

Audience listening to Sylvester & Josh
Audience listening to Sylvester & Josh


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