Forget the easy come easy go there she goes on “Gone” Mickey SoLow; “143” is a beautiful Ode that evokes the melodic Muntu SoLow.

I wanna love you, every day n night…/ Keep it real never lie/ On my mind,you blow my mind…

What a firm opener for a love song, that allows Mickey to get weak. Bars and Melody , TrapSoul is a proven formula but “143” is a calculated attempt to redefine a soundscape many have tried to explore.

The Google Beats produced track reminds us of the coded language as teens we used, to ensure our love notes were delivered. 143 simply translates to I Love You for those from a generation that didn’t waste time being cryptic.

I just wanna let you know

You my only

you my number one

Mickey SoLow is not proving only one point to the adored person: he loves and will sing a song for bae. His voice serves as an instrument as he sings over a pure trap beat. The autotune-ish-ish engineering over his voice at some point robs us of his pure weak voice but it is justified by the nostalgic whining in reverb.

At this moment it’s hard to figure out what Mickey is planning as he has for a while redefined his approach on almost all tracks he has been featured on or released by him ever since “Pray”, “Nvuga Kampala refix” , “Another”, “K1NG” up-to-date.

This track surely will infiltrate your radio red tape with the infectious I am in love with you/ do you love me, like I love you.

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