As you guessed, the pod is back. On this episode, NuveySHAWN hosts a live Twitter Spaces talking the recent idea turned hashtag #42DaysOfUGHipHop created by a @MadMudokolo, The Mith Music and sensitization done by NuveyLive. Views go around the impact of the hashtag aimed at steering the Ugandan Hip Hop conversations during the 42 days lockdown.

Session goes from the hashtag activities to talk on the industry, state of the culture, and more. Featured Speakers: NuveySHAWN, KozNEffekt, The Mith Music, Naxa UG, Blixxack,DJ Kas Baby and So Severe. This is a production by S65 STUDIOS, for NuveyLive. Songs in featured order of appearance PRNZ – Castle Dreams Blixxack – Mansa Musa The Mith (feat So Severe) – No Place Better Naxa – Crazy PRNZ – Castle Dreams

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