6 things every artiste should be aware of, the How-to and Why

6 things every artiste should be aware of, the How-to and Why

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Many rappers might not make debut yet due to the demanding and yet easy to get familiar with landscape of the industry. DO NOT take easy for granted. There’s a lot that goes in, to break out as an artiste; this might include learning how to use social media, something you have likely ignored.

Many a times we have trouble with newbie rappers and others – the I have been there rappers – as regards placing content on our site just because some are arrogant or have no idea how to present themselves.

Well, I compiled a list of things that all artists especially those yet to delve into the industry can consider working on.

Let’s go.

  1. Learn/know about electronic communication (Write an email,Use social media etc) Ever received an email that isn’t communicating? A Facebook message that is full of assumptions and not providing any info? Well, even when emails are not a thing in the WhatsApp era, old communication decorum still applies. Be cautious what you say in your email or DMs. Be communicative!
  2. Be able to upload music online, use streaming services and how to make money there. Well Tidal.com just partnered with MTN. Streaming services are important in the age of the internet. You need to take some or all your music online for your potential fan base to access. Be it iTunes, Audiomack, Spotify, SoundCloud or Mudondo, it is 2018 you have to. Of course this comes with piracy issues, that have plagued music for years.
  3. Have a Marketing mindset /perspective. You should know that, you are a brand as soon as you record a song or produce a beat; therefore, you have to push your brand. Make your product known, your brand felt. People should know you exist and do not let them forget (ask Coca-Cola!) If you can’t do so, you will hire someone. On your checklist, I want you to prioritize marketing.
  4. You should be Listening to the crowd and the target audience. The crowd is the entire music industry. Things change, desires come and go which makes you somehow working towards meeting or feigning certain directions. Your target audience are those people you could call supporters and believers of your brand and music. Listen to them. Never stop listening, keep listening even if it means reading.
  5. You know about Aethestics and everything Packaging. Is it cover art, CD copies, clothing, website design? JK Lubanto has a logo that is a golden JK impression, when you see it on a cover or tee shirt you likely will relate it to JK. This logo is part of his branding and packaging. Are you the rapper who raps revolutionary staff, what would be part of your packaging? I let you digest that.
  6. The offline, press runs, media, interview scoring, booking and life off the web. The web is a great place to live, but do not forget we live when our phones stay on or off. You should learn and find out how best you can tap into the offline media. This includes being aware of radio stations, tv and other media. The how-tos! How to secure interviews and so much more. You could use the web to find out this information or simply ask. Ignorance is not bliss when you find out you have been in the dark.

Now, all the above ideas are not arranged in away they should work in the presented order. Some of these are skills (to obtain) and tasks all artists need to do to help boost their career. One can start from the bottom or at just branding or all at once.

What you should know is that all this takes time and time being money you will need to move phase by phase if you work on a very low budget.

All the best!

Featured image from Nuba visual.

Written by Ayella aka NuveySHAWN. I change the weather with one word.

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