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4 New videos this week: from Mun G, The Mith, Wake and Blixxack – wRap Discovery Visuals

This week's wRap Discovery visuals, here are 4 new videos you should check out from The Mith, Mun G, Wake ...
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Waade talks “Baby Jesus” , Unsung Hero album, Flex D’Paper, persistence – Episode 29 NLP

Here is yet another episode of The NuveyLive Podcast. On this one I sit - rather chat with rapper, producer ...
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New Music to listen to this Week -wRap Discovery

Hey there given the fast pace that projects drop you might miss out a number of tracks or even not ...
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Why Your random music links Are being ignored

Random, means out of nowhere, suddenly, without thought - are you sending random links to contacts, friends and potential fans, ...
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EP. 28: J.C Muyonjo Talks Afrosphere album, NFTs, his love for Hip hop, music production and more

NuveySHAWN sits down to chat with JC Muyonjo via Zoom to talk his latest album Afrosphere, previous releases, favourite producers, ...
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Blixxack’s weekly in Studio is a rap-newsletter, interactive, reflective and a coaching session

The Burundi made with Ugandan ways rapper Blixxack as he raps on Weekly 3, offers his coming of age. In ...
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Hey Fam’ no one cares what you are going through, just keep Grinding

I had a conversation with an old friend of mine - about life, work an life again and really just ...
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You only need 100 True Fans to survive

Originally I typed the number 50 (True fans) and the calculation I was thinking of was 50*USHs 50,000/= and changed ...
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How To Promote A New Release On The Cheap

While simply uploading music and hoping for the best works out for some, most musicians need to promote their work ...
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