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You only need 100 True Fans to survive

Originally I typed the number 50 (True fans) and the calculation I was thinking of was 50*USHs 50,000/= and changed ...
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How To Promote A New Release On The Cheap

While simply uploading music and hoping for the best works out for some, most musicians need to promote their work ...
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To Enjoy UG Hip Hop, Dig Deeper

I was busy minding my business and the phrase "dig deeper" came to thought. I thought about how it has ...
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5 Music Submission Mistakes most Artistes Make on the come up

If you are reading this right now chances are high you are an artiste, an artiste manager, a person in ...
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Episode 27: Gospel Rappers Edition W/ Naxa, Barna Birungi, Profet Ug Chillz Kabeja (Entikko) and The Mith – #NLP

Here is a new episode of the NuveyLive Podcast recorded during the #42DaysOfUGHipHop Live Sessions. On this one Ayella NuveySHAWN ...
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Money Sex Power Cover art Baru Abaasar

Money Sex Power, a Baru and Abaasa feat. Delboy true story

Baru keeps crafting. He enlisted Abaasa as lead artiste to out the based on a true story Money Sex Power ...
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Are Ugandan Rap Battles Dead?

2015 was an amazing year if you asked me. It was the year I seriously opted to drop everything else ...
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Naxa is on a New Level

Naxa on Sunday 8th August released his third full length project New Level. The hard working and consistent rapper, creative ...
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Lagum hails “Kampala” on new song feat. BB

Artistes contribute to society in so many ways including national development. Lagum and BB are giving us good vibes and ...
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