Music is True Therapy, It is my open window

Music is True Therapy, It is my open window

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Music is True Therapy

As  NuveyLive we are currently running a campaign on the Therapeutic purposes of Poetry and Music under our sister blog Sobriety Line. We are probing our readership, community and interested individuals to share with us. We invite stories that may include and not limited to how creating or consuming certain art forms enables one to achieve some level of therapy.  The hastag to use on social media so we can find you views is #PoetryMusicTherapy / TPPM.


The No Apologies rapper AJO, shares with us his version of the story and specifically an experience from Family Ties a song from his EP No Apologies released last year.

Well first and foremost Music is like Therapy, it is a form of releasing thoughts and energy.

The same way people go out to speak to psychiatrists is the same way an Artist speaks to his entire fan niche through a microphone.

Now onto Family ties and its significance and the experience that motivated it;

Well this song is very personal and I touched base with a lot of the demons that I had been battling with at the time and also some that I had carried forward from past encounters.

people get suicidal and turn drug abusive because they have nobody to talk to

I actually debated with myself the time was writing this song to the time I actually recorded it. First when I wrote it, it was mainly just to pen my frustrations, but also I was scared of its impact on any of my kin if they happened to stumble upon it, how they would feel or how they would view me after that.

I then debated with myself when the time to record it approached, I kept thinking to myself this is too much information to release to the public but then i realized I needed to have some form of releasing all my frustrations and compromises hence I gathered the courage to actually record it and add it to the EP.

This song helped me vent, it helped me express my thoughts and all the feelings that had been eating me up, I once had a major depression, see most of my folk and the people around me didn’t see it but my inner self kept screaming for Air and the more I kept suffocating it and piling all my stress inside my mind, and never talking to anybody about them, the more I sunk deeper into that hole that ate my confidence and esteem slowly by slowly.

I felt regret, I felt like a disappointment to my family and these thoughts imploded in me and drove me further into myself, I felt isolated and angry at the same time.

music is my open window, it lets me tell my story, it helps me share y joy and pain

Little did I know that when you actually free your mind and just let these thoughts flow out, that’s when you start your healing process, and that started when I poured my heart out on a piece of paper and sang my mind out to a microphone, it felt therapeutic.

Many disturbed young people today don’t realize the power of music and the massive impact it can have on saving you, people get suicidal and turn drug abusive because they have nobody to talk to, because they have no way of airing out their grievances, music is my open window, it lets me tell my story, it helps me share y joy and pain.

To me, Music is TRUE THERAPY

Shared and Written By Rapper AJO.

Listen to Family Ties on Itunes

Send to us you version of the story, Do you think poetry and music are a form of therapy?


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