The new track Transcend sees AJO talk Pan Africanism, Past, Present and way for a United Africa and an African future. It’s evident in the growth and maturation perspective; AJO delivers with a mass informed mind. AJO has had a progressive ride since 2015 from; his debut tape Rap Music I Sing had him explore his craft and last year his follow-up EP, No Apologies – was an ode to self (self-praise of his lyrical prowess and word smith-ism)

Transcend is a taste of what African Reality – his forthcoming album – and where it places him right now. It is clear he puts so much thought to his writing and with Transcend he is embracing a Pan-African perspective.  He explains this better below:

Transcend/ tran(t)’send – to be or go beyond the range or limits/ be better than.  Transcend is the first release off my forth coming Album Titled: African Reality. Transcend is a Pan Africanism song that revolves around encouraging the African people to look beyond their past and present but aim for what is beyond the horizon. It’s a message of self-realisation, and understanding that the people behind the mask that try to puppet and orchestrate Africa’s predicaments cannot and should not be given the power and liberty to do so.

In this song I incorporate speeches by Patrick Lumumba of Kenya, who has been one of the modern-day enforcers of Pan African-ism. I also use a speech by Kwame Nkrumah who led Ghana to independence and is also regarded as the father of African Nationalism and with their message that is as clear as crystal, they urge Africans to find their footing and form a United African State. 

Mowglii, Mike256 (formerly known as Play) and Sam Lamara brace Transcend with their tactical production. TRANSCEND is a laid back but cut through AJO on the verse with every line referencing the African Pan-African moments and posing a rhetoric on why we never transcend.

The samples from speeches of Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba give AJO the basis of his argument and call for an African reality that is free, independent and is possible to rise up and put its mind out of the trap.

No doubt for a critical ear, AJO stands out with Transcend not as only a top-tier effort but acknowledging the possibilities hip hop can create like being a vessel with a message to sensitive.



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