If you are reading this, likely the year is over or is coming to an end. 2018 has been an interesting year for hip hop most of the time. On a sad note: UG Hip Hop lost Mulekwa (R.I.P) towards the end of November.

You might have missed some of these projects or you just need to know how many albums and mixtapes dropped in 2018 – if that is the case follow the list below as we attached a link to where you can find the albums or mixtapes. If you listened to all these projects, you deserve a special place in Hip hop heaven, and if you didn’t know some of the projects let’s go.

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  1. AFFROPUCINO  – Blixxack (formerly Benny Black)
  2. Voice of My Father  – Ruyonga
  3. Love The Trap – HABO
  4. The New Wave Chapter 1 – Baru & Delboy
  5. On My Own – J Watts
  6. Amplify EP -Ill Gee
    Vroom EP Cover Art
  7. The New Wave Chapter 2
  8. Just Another Project (JAP) – Pryce Teeba
  9. Vroom Ep – Tucker HD
  10. Feedback – Rey Macc
  11. Since I Returned Home – O.P.U
  12. Father To Son – KSL 
  13. African Reality – AJO
  14. Rose EP – Keinoh
  15. Ebikadde Mu’bipya -Shemy B
  16. Imbuka Eyi’Yange  – Byg Ben
  17. Nsimbi – Nsimbi Music
  18. oMungi Atibwa – Mun G
    The New Wave Chapter 2 cover art
  19. Body and Soul – Beck Cohen
  20. Gipiri and Labong – Judas 
  21. I Feel Yo Pain – Payne Keelah
  22. The New Wave Chapter 3 
  23. Kingdom Come – Dagg Mizzo
  24. Social Introvert – Kavali
  25. NU UG – NU UG (Was released a few days ago)

Well, this is how 2018 has been so far. We shall update the list in case a new project drops in the rest of the days before the year ends. In case we left out a mixtape or album let us know in the comment section and we shall update the list.


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