Finding love and a person you feel comfortable with is a journey and experience that often is personal. A’shaan, Lira District’s potential face of female rap and Afro-Dancehall shares how her body calls.

“Body Calls” is an Afro beats/Hip Hop/Lango flow project from budding rapper, singer A’shaan exploring the yearnings of one raunchy lady on a night call with her man, the one she can fight for.

Some women are sometimes shy to talk about and in their sexuality, rapper A’shaan real names Angom Lucky creatively explores getting freaky and loving it. She loves how her man pulls up her bumper.

Coming from Lira District, A’shaan started her music journey in 2014 to date. To her name their are awards won like Female artist of the year 2016 Northern Uganda entertainment awards, Best hip hop artist Lango Entertainment Awards 2017 and best female artist Lango Entertainment Awards 2019. 

“Body Calls” is her latest release (September 11, 2021), before that she has released singles such as “Amari”, “Money can’t buy” , “Miya” among others.

The rapper is behind the Alama Hip Hope Movement in Lira.

According to her, Problem her debut album is done. A’shaan is currently signed to One North Entertainment. 

“Body Calls” is her impressive singing and rapping effort. She has a promising future ahead if she is consistent


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