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B-Flex’s “Murderer” an ode to Mary Jane: features Tripmusic,Kas B and Chenkobe

“Murderer” is the latest single off B-Flex’s forthcoming album Truth and Rights album. On this new track he is in praise of Mary Jane. The reggae charged “Murderer” offers us a further insight on what is likely on the long teased B-Flex album.

This is likely one of the projects to play on 420. B-Flex joins the list of rappers dedicating a whole song to marijuana. Kas B, Chenkobe speak of it’s medicinal values and how the commonly illegalized plant helps them meditate. As marijuana is not yet decriminalized in Uganda for consumption, a number artistes have made projects to educate or talk about weed aka Mary Jane.

Listen below:

What do you think of the project?


Rey Macc drops “Can You Imagine” feat. J Wats and Isaiah Misanvu – Your bae needs to listen now

When Rey Macc lines up artistes it’s hard to imagine below average work. Rey Macc on new “Can You Imagine” lines up long time collaborator J Wats and Isaiah Misanvu for a love ballad. The trio remind us of the power they exhibited on “Familiar” off Rey Macc’s Feedback EP.

In a conversation with Rey Macc last month he revealed that a number of singles will be dropping this year including this new single. Rey revealed some projects needed sample clearances for them to drop and man the line up is so exciting. NuveyLive is not yet in position to reveal these projects coming until the TrendSetter permits.

“Can You Imagine” is purely a love – song rnb meets hip hop kind of vibe. It evokes that road trip feeling with your bae, car windows down (doesn’t matter if it’s a taxi” and the Ugandan sun gently falling on skins. The eloquent delivery of “The Man of the Year” singer and rapper along side Isaiah Misanvu’s unique vocals compliment the canvas Rey offers with hook and beat.

In the mood for some good loving, can you imagine what songs to play? You are in luck here is new “Can You Imagine”


Naxa has released bossy “Trends” visual off Legacy Mindset EP – Watch

The consistent and hardworking rapper Naxa in new visual says he follows no “Trends”.

“Trends” is the latest single off Naxa’s Legacy Mindset EP dropped earlier on this year. The Gavin DK directed video blends dance and symbolic references to send the message home. At one moment, it’s a shoe stepping on Naxa’s head, then he plays golf (acts like) and then he is on a cross. Several cuts of dancers blend in on the drill charged song.

Naxa on every video attempt tries to tell a story or at best be cinematic and on this project he pushes further the “legacy mindset” – and to build a legacy one first needs to operate in that state of mind. He showcases boldly, reminding us that he won’t stop crafting.

Watch him boss up below:


Ntinda Movement (NTM) is Back in the Booth listen to new Cypher

Ntinda Movement /NTM have been off the the rap radar as a collective for almost 2 years without releasing consistent projects together. After several solo projects from each act, NTM seemed to have gone silent having given us tracks like “Nvuga Kampala remix”, “Kyendiba”, “Another” and more. The crew is back with a cypher for proof named “Back in the Booth cypher”.

This new project stars Sliq Teq, HABO, Bemba and Pryce Teeba. The content is evident it’s the project was produced recently. Each of the rappers inorder air out their views and have the hunger for this thing called rap. BITBC is a refreshing and appropriate reintroduction of the posse that rocked our 2016,’17, and ’18.

Sliq Teq talks switching up the flow, HABO shows us is been paying attention with the Zex Bilangi Langi reference. Bemba uses his space to let his fans what he is on while Pryce Teeba criticizes the “trash” he feels is played on the radio. The Young Jay Basalesale produced cypher excludes Mickey SoLow who fans will certainly want to hear from. With no doubt NTM is one of UG Hip Hop’s favourite rap group/collective with the electric approach they have to the game.

Welcome back NTM.

Listen to the cypher below: