Baru & Delboy to release ‘The New Wave: Chapter 1’ on 19 March

The New Wave: Chapter 1
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When we suspected a possibility of a project between Baru and Delboy about two weeks ago, we didn’t think the project would be titled The New Wave  – more so to be a sort of series.

We suspected Baru and Delboy were working on a project since we noticed there social media accounts had black profile images. The hashtag #WhatstheBlackaBout took its toll.

We can’t ascertain whether our story  put pressure on the Dustville affiliates or not but one thing we know is on 19 March we will recieve The New Wave.  Apparently Baru and Delboy have again made it complicated to digest what they are up to.

The New Wave: Chapter 1

The cover art shows both Baru and Delboy focusing on a chess game. We can interpret this as a planning process for a battle field  of sorts that they are yet to dive in. We are not sure whether The New Wave is a track or a full length project.

Delboy has slowly been making his way up with ground breaking collaborations like Nvuga Kampala, Not Today – with a renown producer, Baru we expect a new sound: likely that is the new wave they are promising.




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