Malika (Agee & The Sphynx) release Fiery track -‘Billies’

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Malika is back at it, beast-mode attitude and ready to redefine their sound! The duo (now The Sphynx and Agee) get together to spazz on a well though out track : “Billies was produced by Baru at Dustville Records and recorded and mastered by Samurae” – The Tribe Ug. It’s an amazing performance from Agee and The Sphynx. The intro is on point for this track got from the famous NTV Point Blank interviews or skittish play on original stories conducted by Agnes Nandutu. Given that we just celebrated our Independence a Ugandan sample and reference to Margaret Muhanga and also the spread uttering of Uganda makes this song stand out .

This isn’t the review, but  comment is allowed on how Malika are claiming GOAT or tending towards that with their efforts. Well for starters GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time , which is synonymous to the best who ever did it- not “synonymous with lames” as The Sphynx Puts it.  The Billies refer to probably the doe, money, cake and whatever accomplishment. The approach of this track is not the usual but one can accept was expected ever since Straight spit and Pound for Pound.  

Will be  back for a review,  for now gone listening to how this track pounds lames in the face!

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