Blind Faith

The Half Street, Half Corporate rapper O.P.U has put out a full length project of 19 songs which he says are actually 19 stories. Definitely we agree more. Some are familiar tracks that his fans have heard before. O.P.U had a good 2016 as an artist and more as an agent of social progress through his Project R.I.C. He well advocated for reading as an undertone for education.

O.P.U is an artist and a brand which something exceptional for him. Blind Faith features various artists such as  Lyrikal Proof, Enygma, Sulfuric, JC Muyungo, Andy Music and others. Arua Girl and Drink party are some of the outstanding tracks released last year off Blind Faith. Even when the mixtape is Blind Faith we see a clear vision through this effort.

Click Image To Download Blind Faith

Below is the tracklist:

  1. Introduction
  2. Let’s Act
  3. Warrior
  4. I’m a rider ft. Lyrikal Proof, Enygma & Sulphuric
  5. Warrior (remix)
  6. Will You
  7. Smile of a child ft. Enygma, Naava Grey
  8. Saturday Night
  9. The Interlude
  10. Inside My Heart
  11. Can’t Cope ft. Crisis Musik
  12. More Than dear ft. J.C Muyonjo
  13. Kampala Girl ft. J.C Muyonjo
  14. High
  15. Arua Girl ft. Andy Music
  16. Drink Party
  17. By Your side
  18. Get that money ft. Lethal & T-Bro
  19. Hustlers and Dreamers


[Download Blind Faith Here]


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