Get Beck Cohen’s new album; Body and Soul – Free Download

Beck Cohen, released his second full-length project and first LP; Body and Soul. The spoken word artist/rapper is among the polarizing and budding artists who are busy carving their own lane.

Listening to Beck Cohen is not the same way you listen to other artists. The rapper whose Body and Soul surrounds it self with consumerism of art, being underrated and the corruptible nature of humans – performs on records with minimalist beats. It’s about the message, while listening to Beck Cohen, ancdthis new album.

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The decision to provide the project freely is not yet clear. The 11 track project, is an attempt to make a concept album. Beck, takes a confusing and sometimes banal approach as a rapper rapping and a poet rapping on this new Body and Soul with notable tracks like Consumerism, Painting and Country vows.

It is safe to say, Body and Soul is crisp spoken word album by a rapper highly inspired by raps core element, knowledge – addressing issues that face artists, the country and growing up.

Get the project below:

Body and Soul link zip

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