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It’s about five years and this track still feels fresh and sounds ideally great due to the attention that was paid on its quality production at Bush fire Records. The Track has MYS Natty who sings the hook which makes her the right rnb voice for the two controversial rappers, Atlas and Gasuza ( who happens to have directed the official video). The song came at a time when i think we could say ” Ugandan Hip Hop was enjoying a Golden era”. I mean who doesn’t remember the period of 2008-2011. Personally i think 2011 had marked a certain level of Ugandan hip hop that in the years that came a head not so much quality  hip hop was being made though 2015 was exceptional.

Burn is a lovely song about a relation that is gone bad with no hope of being reinstated hence the notion ” crush and burn”. Atlas who raps of his “living fast” vocalise’s the life of a person / rapper who is ambitious chasing more than they can fathom and ignoring a number of things and ends up crushing. That is justified with Gasuza adding up with “the relationship is no longer healthy” and so he goes his way and she to hers.


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