Byg Ben , Mc Yalla and Jora Mc say “Money Makes Money” in Bulambuli – an initiative to support

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If you remember Who killed Captain Alex – a Wakaliwood film then you know using the little to create more. “Money Makes Money” is a song and a campaign for self sufficiency of a community of over 300 people.

The project was produced by Baru , musically directed by Bana Mutibwa and performed by Byg Ben Sukuya, Mc Yallah and Jora Mc. In the visual: several community members drip with the little – they are faking it till they make it and why not with your donation.

In Wakaliwood style, the green screen plays a big role in bring the dream come true – this parody aims to encourage any viewer to contribute to the so that they can create self reliance amongst the people of Bulambuli.

This is hip hop for a cause:

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