‘Selecta’ on First Listen- Hey S.T.R.A.P now I get it or Not?

Selecta turn it up, a line that pervades this song  in its first twenty seconds gets me thinking of a party I might be missing or have to be at this weekend. Sloppy as the song gets I am in for more surprises for the next twenty seconds; so, it is forty seconds in and I am […]


The Unbalanced Hip Hop Journalism, ‘S/O to baby lotion media’

Written by Ayella N. R.  The blog-sphere keeps getting new members to try and contribute to hip hop culture through trying to cover it in icy stories. The rate at which persons start up so called hip hop blogs or self titled music review websites  is higher than the download stats of O.P.U music, given […]

AUDIO BLOG HIP HOP NuveyLive Presents Podcast

NuveyLIVE presents: Pryce Teeba aka Baby Jajja (@PryceTeeba)

Pryce Teeba, real name Kasirye Alfred is a Ugandan/East African/Kampala based rapper, whose style could be defined as LUGA Flow or more UgaFlo. Well all You should know is that he does write his music and has an urban style of spittin(how he raps and stresses syllables) is very impressive that he employs his Luganda Lyricsintelligently. […]