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Abenga Viktor and Waade give their All on “Yote (John 3:16)”

“Yote (John 3:16)” is a fresh new release from Abenga Viktor a vocalist, singer and Rnb artist. On this spiritual banger he features the “Nga Yesu” singer, rapper and producer. “Yote” is a Swahili word to mean all and it’s exactly what they give this song as they acknowledge how God does it all – He is everything.

The song is based on the premise of the bible scripture in John 3:16.

For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. …

“Yote” was produced by Doch, mixed and mastered by Abra Keys and beat by Mr Day One. It’s one to dance to an worship.

Listen here:


Jay Arc Mwesigwa dedicates soothing “Grace” to his mother and all single mothers

“Grace” is the latest offering from Jay Arc Mwesigwa with most of the lines addressing his love for his mother Grace and to all single mothers taking care of their children. It’s this grace that he brings forward. He raps over a Jazz -Hip hop fused beat with ease and a calculated delivery.

The song is more of a letter direct to Jay Arc’ mother and to others. It’s his “Dear mama” moment as he gives her reassurance. The rapper and Apparel owner is apparently here with music and we hope for more from him soon.

Stream here


“Bad” – Krackbone features the finest Ugandan ladies; Afekuru, Tushi Polo,Kvan, Lady Slyke, Ella & Vkaycee

“Bad” is entirely a bad girl ting besides the ignorable cameo that Krackbone makes at the beginning of the visual. Krack and his Ace Plug Entertainment released an Afro-centric and futuristic album, EGO with hip hop at its core in August this year. To carry on the campaign, “Bad” off the album has a visual now. The song was produced by Yung Jey Basalesale.

In order of appearance: Afekuru, Tushi Polo,Kvan, Lady Slyke, Ella and Vkaycee bless us with their mic abilities and supreme beauty to match the music. The ladies show skin here and there call it a melanin show, endowment in a visual well chopped by Grate Make /Pest. To the set an Afro – Urban feel is brought out in line with the themes of the album. Of the ladies, rapper Lady Slyke happens to be the longest performing artist out of the posse. She is more of the old guard passing the torch to the new breed of female artistes – she excites with so much youth.

“Bad” visual expresses the feminine power, fashion and emphasises that ladies/women ran the world and thus an anthem is here. We get dancehall, Rnb and rap at its best with no limit – which is actually the agenda on this project. This is certainly the face of Ugandan music that needs to be supported for stars are already born it’s up to us to get with the program.

Watch visual below: