Hip hop has a huge role in society as a genre of music. Music has always had an impact on lives – Confused African is a new documentary highlights music’s impact on Corruption, politics and immigration.

The brain behind it is Swahili Nation’s very own Ken Daniels, who explores his journey as a Ugandan abroad juxtaposed with Andre’s (Swedish) journey in the states. The ironies that come with touching base with the reality within your country of origin.

The documentary will

premiere exclusively on YouTube. It is a story about identity, music and corruption in Uganda.

Navio aka Daniel Lubwama features on this film to offer his views on Uganda’s culture and politics. He also touches on other humanity based topics like immigration.

The two creative artists got together to explore deeply the various ideals backed by their deep love for Uganda amidst the reports that has it that Uganda is among top 25 corrupt countries (Transparency international Uganda).

It should be noted:

Ken Daniels is a nomad who has lived his whole life in western countries such as The United States and Sweden. He is a well-known Ugandan Hip hop/ R&B musician and music critic who has for a long time sung under the music act ‘Swahili Nation’.

When Ken moved back to Uganda he found a sense of social responsibility to voice his concerns and the documentary is a package he is offering courtesy of Creative North.

– “It is tough to come to a new country, whether it is Sweden, Uganda or The United States. You have to learn the language and adapt to the society. For me, it was tough to move to The U.S and Sweden, but it was also tough to move back to Uganda after all those years away”. Ken says.

Besides the stardom that came with Navio’s career along came social responsibility that he managed to make projects on humanitarian conditions.

Confused African offers an artist’s perspective on economic, political and social situations within Uganda – the failings, successes and the reality on ground.

Being abroad isn’t, also easy so immigration is addressed.

The film is masterminded by Ken Daniels himself, and Swedish film maker Allan Wallstrom (for RoughStudios).

According to Andre, “

The whole documentary series will be available for free on YouTube, starting March 6″ ,

and will also debut on Netflix.

Watch Trailer:

Source: Confused African presser.


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