Don't Break My Heart

I don’t have to put up with the peer pressure/ Am all chilled, don’t let the diamonds lead you!  – Dagg Mizzo spits this line on new Don’t Break My Heart. The thought of the line creates chills already. The topics on this smooth but fully loaded track aim at waking masses.

Don’t Break My Heart  is off Dagg Mizzo’s forthcoming project; Kingdom Come. On this track he pays tribute to legendary American rapper , Tupac Shakur (R.I.P) – whose birthday is today (16th June). In the same style as the rapper used to address social issues; Dagg uses D B M H to address peer pressure, and disillusion that failing government policies create.

As a youthful rapper; he feels its necessary to address the issues youth face and go through. Since Yolo is the motto they was yelling to me as he spits – hints on what he views many youth succumb to and mess up. The  first verse introduces us to the topic – Peer pressure.

The world messes us up :This is the sentiment on this song. The government policies lets say education for all okay! Dagg, poses a rhetoric here: [So]offer  what, if it leads to my extinction? Well purposed and arranged he manages to balance between his generation and that before him.

It’s not only youth with problems; even, those past their generation have issues. The chorus on this song offers the spiritual and in entreat offers the cry: please don’t break heart  ( world) / I’m begging you! . Sloppy, and dark bass embody the track enabling Dagg to execute to the emotion already created.

This is a worthy listen! Dagg Mizzo is kicking inspiration and consciousness building here, listen below:

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