Episode 9|NuveyLive Podcast – The Art of Sampling: Nase Avatar’s take

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Nase Avatar is no stranger to the NuveyLIVE Pod-casts; this time round I hit him up to talk about a few things on what he has been doing and a number of interesting things going on. He is apparently listening to a lot of NTM, Gravitity and Mun G.Well S.T.R.A.P’s abstract sound, new releases from Nelly Sade, Flex D’Paper , the Telling My Story Project and  Sampling, which took up most of our conversation which was quiet informative as regards the insight gave us about sampling. Episode 9 has so much for you because you will get to know more like what exactly the Telling My Story project was about and the future of this initiative as revealed by Nase.

Tracks like Msinde, Kigozi, Kila siku and AJO’s Aphrodite which hasn’t yet been released took most of the samples conversation. This Episode will be a great study for most who don’t understand the art of sampling, what it means to sample and the great benefits of sampling. One interesting thing is that samples help us keep track of our Ugandan hip hop and music at large. And you will realize sampling is part of hip hop’s historical inventions made famous by Deejaying.

Apparently Nase says his best sampled track is Kila siku LP (prod Stone Town) and I was down for KigoziNavio and some of S.T.R.A.P’s music none the less you can leave a comment of what you think of this episode. You can also tell us your favorite track with the best samples in the comment section.

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