Everyone has to Evolve: Views from Flex D’Paper’s “Mbikwasagwe” feat. Shena Skies

Everyone has to Evolve: Views from Flex D’Paper’s “Mbikwasagwe” feat. Shena Skies

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Change spares no one, you either change or let change change you, or resist change and suffer the consequences. Evolution is change and to evolve is to change, develop and transform into something or learn to do things in a certain way.

For the years I have listened to Flex D’Paper, I honestly have to appreciate his growth over the years, from his business acumen, music style, choice of beats and him as a person and artist. He is one of those rappers I took long to understand, because of a certain blue print most of us grew up to see, live and know.

Flex has his own blueprint and has long been raising his structures with patience.

He admittedly confirms he is a better man, you can tell I am evolved on his new single featuring Shena Skies.

I woke to shuffle my playlist, and I started reflecting on the world and then this new song “Mbikwasagwe” played and the line above about Flex talking evolution hit so hard.

“More” (2013)

I once interviewed (Here), Kwesigabo Alex aka Flex D’Paper and he said alot about his choice to blend various sounds. It’s about 3 years now and I understand what it means to consciously make certain decisions.

Did you listen to his outstanding “Bangi” performance and the notable “Mwana Weka” on Navio’s latest album.

In relation to the what COVID19 aka Corona Virus has on the arts/ music industry, our daily lives – you notice we need to view the world differently, do things with a new and fresher perspective.


Years from now, some will decide to study Flex D’Paper’s moves and success stories as he is on his way to establish a stronger hold for his career.

About why I penned this down: if you are an artist, be in control of your art, change with the times and make sure you are happy with the decision you make. Is your music on streaming services? Do you have a team?

Take time reevaluate your music business and life. Have you chased game so much? Now chase the money.

Most importantly EVOLVE!

“Yenze Aliko” (2018)


In 2020 Dec. Flex put together the first Eno Hip Hop Festival, allowing Ugandan hip hop artistes to showcase, share and entertain fans who were at home during the lockdown. Another event is reportedly in the works in 2021.

Watch visual here: “Mbikwasagwe” (2021

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