FAME: is a new song that was premiered on #SNMS on 97fm RADIO CITY UG by DLP a group that was formed by three rappers and each letter in the group name represents each individual. D-Trick, Lumix, Phillo make up DLP. On this new song they feature rapper and lyricist Enygma to give the track a raw-cut feel, in fact it is a totally raw track that talks about fame and its related attributes. The beat is that simple to nod kind of beat and the lyrics are those that you simply have to meditate to especially the topics Enygma spills, on Zari, Kimk, Amberose and the likes famous for nothing–in a paraphrase. DLP give the track their touch, as they urge the keep it real atitude and ride or drop thoughts–as Emcees they say they the real gang.

Below Enygma and D-trick (of DLP)


Photo from Misterdeejay.ug

You can download the track here or listen to it below:

NOTE: #SNMS is Saturday Night Mix Show hosted by MIsterdeejay on 97fm Radio city Uganda.



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