It was just last week that Feffe Bussi aka (Muko wa Nubian Li as he says on record) had released “Gulu/Eboozi Ye Gulu” giving an account of a meeting between some members of Uganda Musicians’ association and United Superstars’ Music Association. The song had a great reception because of its catchy hook and most importantly the sensitive issue of the endless artistes’ misery due to the closure of performing venues that most made income from.

As of 2 Aug, today a stunning visual has been released, breathing life into the story told on record.

Feffe Bussi uses his mic power on GULU (Emboozi Ye Gulu)

Feffe Bussi for “Gulu” plays the unexpected role of listener to a child who happens to be the narrator in the visual telling Feffe about the events that transpired in Gulu. In other frames child actors take on the roles of named people in the lyrics like Pallaso, Weasel, Jose Chameleon, Ragga Dee, Ronald Mayinja, Cindy, Phina Mugewra and to the ridiculous Gen. Saleh.

Feffe Bussi is capitalizing on that response from the song and will milk it.

In away Feffe is saying so much with this video. He is making it clear that if the problems of the industry are not sorted the future just like the kids who take on roles will be bleak. ruined for the creative industry. With the message and the lens; the story of Gulu and the problems of the industry are broadcast for us.

Its absurd, humorous and still makes the point across.


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