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Before i go into further detail, Do You think UG Femcees have been Recognized? I will let you ponder on that! That being said Happy Women’s Day to all of you reading and supporting our work here.

We have compiled a mixtape that features almost all the best of Female rappers ( Lady Slyke, Keko,Tushi Polo, The Sphynx,Mc Yalla, Ivory Namara, Ginsu,Agee,Saint CA,Fasie,Race T and many others) in the country on this Women’s Day Tape which is intended to take a number of you into history and the future of Ugandan Hip Hop through the voices of these female rappers. The tape is part of our dedication to the female rappers who  we feel are not so much represented and known even when some have had their journeys back date as early as the 90’s.

Journey with us through this tape which features tracks or only verses of these females on tracks that they either got featured or on which they featured other artists, and I must say it was an amazing initiative trying to make this tape having tracks some people have listened to and blending them with those forgotten by some and others never heard. The grand beauty of the Femcees Ruling Mixtape is that through all these tracks or verses featured speak diverse volumes of issues from the feminine world of rappers which of course is directly related to any day-to-day person. In simple terms we feel their participation contributes to the inspiration of females across the country you will notice the range of rappers  from teens to women.

Enjoy this tape and once again Happy Women’s Day!

Track List:

  1. Lady Slyke – Action
  2. Saint CA. -Wanji
  3. Keko – How We do it
  4. Becky256 – Gubakuuba
  5. Fasie – Olugendo
  6. Agee – Love
  7. Mc Yalla – Kupakasa
  8. Zion – Woman with Tushi Polo, Mc Black Pearl..
  9. Race T – Pretty Gals Ft Zabuli, MC Loy and Lady Bezo
  10. Lagum ft Ivory Namara – Storm (Ivory’s  verse only)
  11. The Sphynx – Omukwano
  12. The Ginsu – Naive
  13. Susan Naava – Marvins Room refix
  14. Black Vein – Indumumbi
  15. Tushi Polo – Drop it (intro only)
  16. All star Femcees – Writers Club (The Floet Verse, The sphynx)
  17. Mc Black Pearl – I Believe
  18. Ninja C  & Tucker HD- Our Time (Ninja C Verse only )
  19. Lady Slyke – Abakyala ft Prossy Patra and MC Yalla
  20. Saint CA. – Ba’nga afayo
  21. Keko – Ready
  22. Becky256 – Minerals
  23. Agee – Mr Dj Ft Drift (Agee Verse only )
  24. MC  Yalla – Reebo Mwana
  25. Race T – Im Free
  26. The Sphynx – Fe=MC2
  27. The Sphynx & The Ginsu – Pound for Pound
  28. Susan Naava – Holding on
  29. Black Vein – Shina
  30. Ninja C – Pleasure & Pain
  31. Keko – Fly Solo
  32. All Star Femcees- All Femcee Hip Hop Cypher 2015




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