Things We pick from Barna Birungi’s ‘Grip’ Music Video

Things We pick from Barna Birungi’s ‘Grip’ Music Video

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One would start with a shout out to Hidden Empire but that would be just a future post. Shout outs any way! Barna Birungi is yet among the new budding rappers on the block and more specifically the Christian block. Grip was released a couple months back and he finally has released the video to it (November 4th, 2016). Just like the message of the song, the video is so striking.

Grip is a strong and inspirational song that fosters encouragement and sticking to religion/God when one is feeling low or visited by nay sayers. But even nay sayers need this kind of music because they likely have their own nay sayers. Well executed on a dance-hall/hip hop influenced sound that Barna profits from because this is a dance-able tune.

For starters a first video has to be a strong statement for an artist, whether it is well edited or not-  it opens up opportunity for you to the visual audience (TV people). In the following ways we shall talk about how his first ever music video speaks so much;


The concept of the video makes it outstanding and very meaningful. He chose (whether him, his team or director) to manipulate efficiently the placement of  children who have been let down in various shots and this directly relates to the message in the song.

The video is definitely a Hidden Empire backed endeavor and says a lot about the outcome. Many young rappers don’t have teams like these but some have a group of people around them that help the work towards achieving their goals. Without further assumption we think : thanks to his team and team work a rich and colorful video resulted.grip-shot

The next point is that  the future of more outreach is embedded in visual accomplishment as well. We didn’t know so much about Barna even though he has been part of some events and his Grip release. The video reminds you of the work and effort in Enter The ring – Code ft APass. The video gave Code more outreach because of its well directed and edited image. As a means of more outreach a video will spark that for you.

Hard work and right decisions cut it for you – this is self explanatory. From lighting, costume and  props everything is in order. It is no coincidence that the video to compare is Enter the Ring, well similarly Grip is shot by Josh SB. This definitely proves the point of selection and who to work with in this ever competitive place.

Well done Barna! First Video First lasting impression you have created!


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