Top Hip-Independence Day Playlist 2016

Top Hip-Independence Day Playlist 2016

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Happy independence to everyone! To all poets, rappers, producers, and everyone involved in Ugandan Hip hop and poetry. As we started doing this last year, on this independence day you might want to feel the goodness and rich UG- at least today! It might be had to come up with what you might want to hear just like the list that we came up with here.

This list has tracks that date back to 2015 to the present as away for us to communicate about the past, present and future, which is synonymous with Ugandan Independence celebrations. Well to us it is to celebrate our Ugandan creative hip hop and poetry.

The Hip-Independence playlist then….
  1. 256 by Wake: Without a doubt this is a true spirited Ugandan piece that communicates how many Ugandans feel about their country and how we are represented out their in western media. If you have listened to it you know what I am saying. 256 by Wake
  2. Indumubi by Vein Mc aka Big Vein. Occasionally we look for songs that empower us or allow us to hold our heads high, this is one of them As Vein talks about her flawless  self one can’t help but vibe to the Lumasaba flow.
  3. Empisa By Ruyonga Ft St Nelly Sade and Nandujja. When you need something so organic on culture, this song serves that purpose so well. The song is a commentary on culture and its significance or rather the relevant practices.
  4. Wrap 2015 by Pryce Teeba. What qualifies this song is the detailing of events that happened in 2015 and in away a comment on key events last year. These events that Pryce speaks of are all Ugandan experiences of last year.   Pryce Releases second wrap up
  5. Homecoming by S.T.R.A.P. Many of our brothers and sisters are in the diaspora and this song gives hope of a return home. This could be after a long years’ hustle  or finally retiring home for holiday. S.T.R.A.P holds the Ugandan pride on this song anthem for all Ugandans out of the country.

  6. Msinde by Keko. The song samples an original song by Grace Nakimera. This is a big plus, because of the decision to sample Ugandan music itself. Msinde is a narrative of a person hungry to win and acknowledging the race that life is and one has to keep winning.

  7. Pound For Pound by The Sphynx & The Ginsu. The song is not really qualified by the fact that “Sphynx here reppin’ Kampala City” but the fact that it is yet a breed of rappers who represent the urban life of Kampala, and Uganda at large. Given that they among the few females, it is like a metaphor for how even at national level women or females are represented. Through them I feel empowerment and participation.Pound for pound
  8. Ntinda by NTM. Well The Ntinda Movement is a very vibrant rap group that is not sleeping till we all realise, rap and hip hop is moved by NT. A m talking Ntinda. With their amazing performance and love for their town brings a sense of pride in us . The need to love where we come from is so ideal and prevalent.PandaMix
  9. Fit To lead by George the poet. It is produced by Mike256, it is a social inspired piece on the road to Uganda’s 2016 Election. What qualifies it is the fact that George is still connected to his roots and has the will to talk about social issues such as politics. Listening to the piece, one will think of proper ways of choosing leaders. We need leaders seriously! Even in Hip hop or Poetry we do!lead
  10. Tu Kikole by Luganda XLZ and Nemesis Keya. Whats a celebration without turning up? The song is an engaging Trap sound with witty lyrics and hard-hitting bars. IF you disengage from the lyricism you still have a good time.

    Luganda XLZ
  11. Mbaawe by 207. Just the previous entry, Mbaawe is a feel good song a club banger of sorts and Uganda is a happy country. We turn up and constantly turn up!


Please feel free to comment on the list what you think or tracks you think would have been added.

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