#UGAt55 Premiere: I Love Uganda-Brian Wade ft. Andy Serwadda

#UGAt55 Premiere: I Love Uganda-Brian Wade ft. Andy Serwadda

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Happy Independence Day to you! Brian Wade has released I Love Uganda featuring Andy Serwadda.  Uganda at 55 years independence is the buzz right now and what other way could hip hop add to the conversation?

As soon as you press play you notice about ten seconds of percussion and you know it about to be an African ting. The two artists show the sense of pride for our country and uphold the capital city as the city of joy.

Brian Wade delivers bars of love for the nation and makes sense to celebrate yet another independence day with insightful appreciation by a hip hop artist. Any Serwadda complements the song with the hook on a Word Exclusive produced track.

In a statement Brian wade says the reason for this track is:

[…] If we love our country and embrace all that it has no one with bad intentions will manage to take it away from us .

If you can’t cry for your  country , fight for your country peacefully, die for your country peacefully ,get broke for your country peacefully, then I may judge you (am not supposed to ) but that shows you don’t love your country ! I love my country Uganda, regardless of the ongoing political wars and fighting for power positions . I still believe in God for a better Uganda ,and am proud of Uganda’s nature , the people and how it raised me. A better  Tomorrow for my Uganda  will come when unconditional love is exhibited

The main reason for this song is to empower and show the youth the different side of Uganda we should appreciate however small it is […]

Despite various political, social and economic shortcomings Brian Wade and Andy have offered a celebration of our nation. Let the music speak – happy Independence Day celebrations.

Get the track below:


[       [download id=”4360″]      ]

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