JK Lubanto makes writing raps seem too easy on “Mic Tyson” freestyle

JK LUbanto Mic Tyson
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JK Lubanto has been on and off the scene dropping a single hear or two almost every year. “Mic Tyson” is his latest offering, a 5 minute lyrical rap song exploring raps oldest themes: braggadocio and skill. He linked up with Talent Africa’s sound man, engineer, producer Sam Lamara aka Samurae to work the boards.

Lubanto is no doubt a skilled rapper and with “Mic Tyson” he shows his pen game keeps on improving. He spits with so much ease, bouncing lines here and there, making references to latest events and those in the past.

On the track, he calls himself Salong ( Luganda for father of twins) a nod to double entendre. He makes it seem so easy, as he appeals to a lyrics inclined audience and beyond. If we are to make a lyricist of the year list surely 2022 will have JK on with “Mic Tyson”.

You want bars? Listen in below:



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