“Katrina No Job”, Ruyonga questions the lifestyle of Slay queens and Socialites

“Katrina No Job”, Ruyonga questions the lifestyle of Slay queens and Socialites

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It is not easy for one to call themselves the spokesman for Africa and you don’t comment on African concerns. On his latest release “Katrina No Job” Ruyonga examines the lifestyle of the rich and famous, socialites and slay queens. He chooses to make a one Katrina a representative of all the people we see eating life, calling themselves foodies and yet we never see them work. They party, travel to Dubai, always in designer dripping but we never get to know their source of income.

One would say it is poking one’s nose in other people’s business however we know a number of people living the highlife and behind scenes it is all fake -the Katrina’s of this world. Securing the bag is important, but when a person simply uses the statement in a hashtag and you never see them work you wonder. Ruyonga asks Katrina akikola atya? how is she in position to get cars for her birthday with no job?

Bought land on the lake with no job!

The Afro Hip Hop-Dancehall song was produced by Ruu’s current regular collaborator Josh SB and engineered by the “Tebangatika” producer Amani Green. “Katrina No Job” has potential viral potential. Ruu is laid back and having fun delivering on this project.

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