Kelele at Makerere Pays Tribute to deceased Joanita Kalembe in a poetry show dubbed: Those Who died on Heroes Day (8th June, 2017).  The Kelele At Makerere audience and performers paid tribute to all deceased heroes and had candles lit for the deceased Joanita Kalembe ( R.I.P) – she died five days ago and according to sources – she was poisoned.

Joanita Kalembe
Joanita Kalembe (R.I.P) courtesy of Daily Monitor

Last Friday was in honour of Jonita Kalembe, every poet had it in mind that among those who died she was key too. Friends class mates (MUK Education Year one students) and the audience mainly made up of MUk student attended the themed celebration of heroes outside the Makerere University Art Gallery.

A number of performances from Devis the poet, Wake,  ACE aka Acellam, NuveySHAWN, Heights the Preacher, Daniel Omara (not the comedian), and others.

At about 9:45 – 10:00 PM candles were lit and a tribute performance in song, rap and poetry commenced performed by Jason and Friends.
According to Obed Derrick (MC) he said: “She was part of the Kelele family. A lover of poetry and loyal attendee.”  Obbo (a friend) performed a piece in honour of her.

Several students aired out their hurt felt condolences and also word of caution to the audience through: speech, rap and poetry.

Audience With Candles lit for fallen Joanita Kalembe

The Kelele At Makerere, is a platform that brings together poetry lovers, music and dram enthusiasts to perform and watch performances. Heroes day for this poetic crowd was meant for the dead and Joanita Kalembe was at the sole center.

Photo Credit: Mugisha Pollycarp & Ayella N Robert for


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