Kyoyagala (What You Want) is the latest video from Ugandan Artist Joanita Zachariassen who is also based in Denmark. On this one she brings out Mr So UG aka Tom The Mith. The track is a blend of Afro Beat, Dance and Hip Hop grooves.

Joanita teased this track at Flex D’Paper’s Not For Sale Listening Party last weekend.  The video is shot by Papa Shabani aka PapaShotIt; a Ugandan director and photographer. It is a simple storyline followed but memorable due to the attention paid on different hues.

The Mith offers an impressive Hip hop feel on the track which will certainly secure him a place further as one of the best cross over artists. Joanita on the this track  is more like Lillian Mbabazi mixed with a little Kushe  meets The Mith.

Kyoyagala is certainly one to vibe to for the rest of the year as we tell our loved ones what we want.

Joanita born in 1984, is originally from Uganda in Africa, has a Christian background, and is a Singer-songwriter and gospel/pop/soul/afrobeat Artist, gospel choir leader and gospel soloist. Joanita trained in singing the “Complete Vocal Institute” and has been the leader of the choir “Church on the Rock African Gospel Choir”, a choir that gives you an experience of African gospel and -dance.

Joanita has in the last 16 years been working on her gospel solo career, and in 2006 she released her first solo album (soul / pop / reggae) named “Kept me going.” In 2009 starred Joanita in “Talent Show 09” and the same year she starred along with his African choir in a “Climate worship” in Copenhagen’s cathedral, where she sang for over 2000 people – including several heads of state, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik.

Watch ‘Kyoyagala’

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