Listen to Brand new track ‘Tukomyewo’ St Nelly Sade Ft Keko

Listen to Brand new  track ‘Tukomyewo’ St Nelly Sade Ft Keko

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The story-teller is back like he never left. Hold up did he really leave? Is Keko Retiring? Whats the Buzz around? This track is intended to answer all the allegations, buzz around and to show that these two are back with fire.  It is a new month starting on a good note, Tukomyewo is a Luganda word to mean We are back!. With no time to retire this an assurance that, St Nelly Sade and the partner in crime for this one are  still holding it down.

With three verses, the first one preceded by the intro / Conversation . St Nelly Sade spits first and Keko follows after a chorus. You will be impressed with the introductory lines from Keko. In the quest to prove or re-establish; who the is the best or  baddest is,  this track speaks in that volume For the Hip Hop Head ( if they still exist!) Keko gives the track the required quest artist’s verse. As usual Nelly Sade seals the song off with a closing verse and chorus.

When artist take time before they release a project some talks rise up, and the barber shop  comes to life, we hope the thirst gets quenched with this one. But as regards timing, this track took long before dropping ideally June should have been the month. Partly addresses the reasons why Keko isn’t retiring or would do. Or What’s up with Luga Flow Army and so much more. The song is Produced at Urban Aksent Music.

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