The media some times chooses to forget or even observe certain things especially around hip hop circles. When I say Media you know what I mean; the newspapers, radio, T.V. to some level FB Journalism.  Before I go on with my rant  please this is what Kyle Duncan of New Vision had to start with in his well thought out article / Post:


It is common knowledge that artistes in Uganda only make money when they hold shows.

I mean, which other way is there? We clearly never buy CDs.See more at:

Every one is entitled to their own opinion and I respect his  however ; I won’t agree so much with his view. Yes with a music industry that makes more money for  artists  through Concerts it is not the only means through artists can make money. I won’t speak for the whole music industry but will  highlight important aspects , views or tips which especially young rappers can use to make money. It is True when an artist has a hit song there is potential for some Krayzey moohney.  What if you have no hit song like Njogeraza or Side Ze’eno?

Nav vision

Lets read on and find out what we find.

Endorsement Deals

For  hip hop artists who have established themselves so well especially  the well branded, the corporate companies have interests in them so much. The companies will only hit you up knowing you have a big following and they stand to make some money off your image while they also send you your pay check. Shortly after Mun G broke or fell off from Baboon forest he had deals coming through for him, one from Airtel Uganda. Navio has had a number of these endorsement deals including one with Pilsner.  How do I get this? Well this requires a person whose character, brand and following has been spelled out. A corporate company will only get to you if you have the image they require to sell. And even when you have a concert they make money as you make. This might not work so well for you on the come up.

Campaigns/ Talks / WorkShops

This is similar to the above, as a rapper you have to build your image and companies could use your influence to impact a society or community. Organizations like Reach A Hand Uganda tend to use hip hop artists for most of their campaigns- Do you know why? The youth gravitate to the genre a lot and they are targeted.

O.P.U with pupils at Kololo photo by @joshua_abaho
O.P.U with pupils at Kololo photo by @joshua_abaho
Tees and other  Hip Hop clothing

Have you seen the Ziva Muuntuyo, Ani Asinga, Rapaholics and all those lyrics, slogan or team inspired Tee Shirts? You can use these custom-made tee shirts to support your single, mixtape or create buzz for your forth coming album through tees. Incidentally if they are well designed you can promote your self to your peers and who may help you spread the word to their other buddies. You stand a chance to make some bucks if you sell them. You’ll make your cash without even doing the concert – truth is you’re not ready for the big concert. A live example we have is Flex D’Paper and his Rapaholics Brand.

Hip Hop Ain't Dead White Tees Sold by
Hip Hop Ain’t Dead White Tees Sold at follow link
CDs or DVDs

Truth be told you need to be a little entrepreneurial to pull off some these money-making activities. Before all this you need to create a brand that can attract potential support. Your friends need to verify your music CD before any one does. They are your first consumers. While Kyles’ remarks of not buying CD’s is half truth and a gesture of a desensitized support. It’s a poisonous a remark – we have to support our artists before we fan our selves – if the product is good. As a young rapper you need to turn your mind off his remark and do package your CD well and a few of us will support.

No Apologies Cover Art
No Apologies  CD Cover Art
Hip hop Concerts, Events, gigs

Now if it’s not your concert you might love to support another artist. How to make money depends on you. Some of these gigs or events allow artists to show case some of their products. This can be a perfect way for you to come with your CDs, Stickers, Tees, and other products to make some money. You need to know the hip hop calendar in Uganda – know these events and what they offer. You may be required to pay for space but if  its  worth,  market your products there. Some more organized persons may contact you to be part of an event offering a certain sum – you can as well show up for that one.


At the end of the day a young rapper will aim towards a concert or big event but first you need to consider making that dough with possible means. Takes dedication and hard work to work things and keep them running. As a hip hop artist your influence even serves you right or better!



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