Luganda xlz

Lyrics to Mama Let’s Talk ft Nemesis

Let’s talk you and me yeah
Mama let’s talk you and me

Verse 1
Owe’kkobe ayazalila ab’engo/
She’s heaven-sent my guardian angel/
Words can’t explain the whole depth/
But amma try coz my thoughts just won’t rest/
Look for nine months to 19th October/
She endured more than just weight on her shoulder/
I mean, even after she birthed me/
Coiled me and gave me her chest when i was thirsty/
She was my ultimate host see/
Yeyampa olulimi nedobbozi/
Taught me my first lessons from her lap/
Played with me just like a kitten and a cat/
And when i was uncomfortable i would raise hell/
And damn she wouldn’t rest till i laid well/
That’s why i look at you in awe and honor/
Nga bwensaba Katonda obulamu bwo gwe Mama

Chorus *2
(Luganda XLz)
They always say that am your favourite, nange gwe ansingila
Twogele, tuseke, tuzanyemu, nga bwetwalinga

Verse 2
Owe’kkobe ayazalila ab’engo/
When i started crawling i nearly made her brains blow/
It was always kakali kakali/
Man i ain’t wanna chill down properly/
Nga olwo nzijula enfuufu/
And you didn’t get tired of cleaning me the truth’s you/
Did it all and more than what i understand/
Look at me maa you done made a man/
That’s why i gotta pass on your legacy/
Your hustle love and care till the death of me/
Am talking past longevity/
Everyone should respect this i don’t care your pedigree/
Kano kaabuli mukyala alinga gwe/
The single moms and i don’t care if it does not play/
How i wish i could control karma/
Nkuwe buli kilungi kyewegomba Mama

Chorus *4
(Luganda XLz)
They always say that am your favourite, nange gwe ansingila
Twogele, tuseke, tuzanyemu, nga bwetwalinga
Nga bwetwali mubuto, twogele

Dedicated to the most lovable Ms. Nanteza Yudaya

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 The single is off Telling My Story an album from Port Bell drive which has so far had contributions from rappers like The Sphynx, Mickey Solow and Mc Wang Jok. On this one he features Nemesis who does a good execution for the track with his hook. It’s a dedication probably to his mother if we are not mistaken it is Ms. Nanteza Yudaya. Enjoy the song!


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