Mbu AJO is fighting writer’s block: these Quarantine freestyles say otherwise

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AJO posted on his social media saying that he is fighting writer’s block and added a link to the second episode of his “Quarantine Freestyle” sessions. Listening and making comparisons to the two you will confirm that his skill is still intact with of course unapologetic profanity.

AJO is a skilled rapper and his No Apologies EP proved that. The first episode was on wax now that he has released another can we say waxier? If there is any writer’s block it was in a few minutes, and this will help him keep in check with his ability.

Being one of the most underrated and yet gifted you don’t have to sleep on this lyrical species. All freestyles fall under 1 minute with lyrics to rap along.

Episode 2:

Episode 1


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