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Last Breed is finally out as the hype around it was growing the past few days. It’s just a few days or even a week since Mickey  Solow released , New Day. The hunger for new music seems like it is  being delt with so far. It’s just three days in the new month and we have a Tucker Joint, Nelly Sade Keko collabo and more. N T M has been so vibrant a rap crew, a hip hop group from Ntinda and we now see the energy coming on the low from Mickey Solow. When we contacted him for a word this is what he had to say about Last Breed:

About ‘Last Breed’:

Just felt  the fans needed some laid back track with a message about my frustration of radios not playing my Music (what is in bold is edited), My ex’s complaints. And Basically Peeps Who Don’t Wish me well as well.

This new Mickey on Last Breed is quite trappy and a therapy to a head that needs to mob  up and down.   As he shouts out his Hood, Ntinda he also boasts of the shows he has graced with a good outcome. According to his explanation and the lyrics of the new single.

Mickey Solow
Mickey Solow

Decided to pick a bumpy beat so they cud jam to it as well. Paying homage to 2pac, proud of shows i killed, And Showing Love For My Hood

Exe’s , No Radio Plays, stress , Ntinda and More

UG has greatly been influenced by many rappers from the states and Solow shows that clearly; he pays homage to Legendary American Rapper- Tupac Shakur. To view this song Psychologically it is a wounded Mickey who is choosing to settle his issues by going hard regardless what his ex’s [ “ And My Ex Still Calls / Checks On The Boy To Throw Chucks At The Boy ], people, and the radio that doesn’t play his music [It’s The Lord That Made Me, So When I Act Crazy My Hommie Don’t Blame Me/ Got The Smile On My Face, Yelling Fuck The Press Man The Radios Dont Play Me ]. Ironically wounded Self ceases upon the instrumental’s bumpy sound. Sliq Teq made produced the track and was mixed and mastered by J 45 together with Emod Mist.

Got Two Broads At The Back
Bumping 2pac When We Park At The Park
Kill Every Show, Getting The Guap Bring It Back To The Block
I’m Getting Disturbed By Nigg*s Who Think They Rap Yet They Spit Trash
Repping My Hood, N.T.I.N.D.A Till I D.I.E

—–Part of the lyrics of Last Breed—-

**Warning there are explicit Lyrics throughout the song as Mickey chose to mix his anger, rawness and fun in him on this track. We have a feeling he is working on something but whatever it is it might be dope.  Being part of NTM it makes sense to rep the hood even when he is Solo.

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