Navio sampled Elly Wamala’s “Hamadi” for Vibes Out The East intro

Navio sampled Elly Wamala’s “Hamadi” for Vibes Out The East intro

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Navio last week on 23rd Friday released Vibes Out The East (VOTE) to fans anticipation. He held a listening party at The Villa. The album packed with vibes has distinct moments like the Intro/Opening song. The 17 tracks album features The Mith, Flex D’Paper, Pylo, Bandalle, The Homie, Shena Skies, Stogie T, Lillian, Lagum The Rapper, Tyra Chantey, Ben Sol, Nviri The Storyteller and Pryce Teeba.

The intro to VOTE, “Hamadi” samples the legendary late Elly Wamala’s song by the same title. Elly Wamala has been sampled by rappers like GNL Zamba before – Hip Hop explores any genre in sampling.

Sample based music adds a layer to new creations and also help bridge the gap from the past to the present which also allows tapping into a new audience.

Listen to “Hamadi” by Elly Wamala

That’s exactly, what sampling Elly Wamala does on this project. The clips used are sped up unlike the initial and drums are drawn around a loop of the guitar riffs. The intro is introspective. The first verse, hook and second verses of the Elly’s “Hamadi” are backdrops to Navio’s talk on family, legacy, coming of age, fame and making it.

The story Elly is telling is relatable to Nav’s situation years ago – as both their pops passed and they had their mothers to take care of them. Navio talks about his father Daniel Kigozi Snr – wishing he was here and as he is grateful that his mother, Maggie Kigozi took care of family as they lived in exile.

What’s a Navio album without a sample?

As I continue to dig into the album, enjoy “Hamadi” below and tap into the entire album here.

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