“30 Seconds To Hollywood” visual is officially out and Navio is on UG Hip hop’s Rwenzori for lack of a better reference – he is at the peak. It is safe to say is among the biggest. The song produced by Samurae is off his award winning album Strength In Numbers.

For an artist of his stature, Navio has seen it all done it all and still humble, appreciative of his music journey. Each artiste has the proverbial 15 minutes, or 30 seconds (in the streaming era) to make their presence count. Navio documents that on “30 seconds To Hollywood”.

It is reminiscent of the cuts on “Ngalo” and other celebratory videos Nav has made; with 30STH he is reflective. He talks of growing up in Rubaga though most of the footage features locations in Sweden.

The visual was shot by Jonny Vollstrom in Sweden, edited by Duncan Dunnyyd with graphics.

On youtube Navio shared what we might not have know about the song saying that it came from a freestyle session.

The beat was done as part of a 10 minute chords jam session on Samurae’s phone and a collection of 20 and 30 second freestyles from Navio.

– source: Navio Universe

Footage from concerts, interviews and elsewhere feature acting backdrops to the the grind. The semi animated visual offers a more storytelling appeal and a documentary punctuated by Navio’s lyrics.

With this visual Navio, says you can go so far with music, art and anything, and success as represented by Hollywood is 30 seconds away.


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