Bad Segu

One Level Music ( DJ Slug Face , Black Simba and  Lawraid) have released Bad Segu, the second single off the forthcoming Humble Mindz Mixtape. It follows after Bite which had quite a rotation.

Bad Segu is a latest addition to tracks that adore or explore the bad girls, self made, slay queens with worka and not necessarily bad girls in the literal sense. The UG Hip Hop Awards Best DJ Nominated, DJ Slug Face and his team are determined to push further ever since the debut single as a trio.

/ Ma ti ki booty kyalu Desire (Oyo aba bad segu)/ Ma kwa kyalu Fabiola  (Oyo aba bad segu)/ Freaky wine kyalu Sheeba (Oyo aba bad segu)/ Atitude kyalu Jennifer! (Oyo aba bad segu)


One with a booty like Desire (thats a bad segu) / Light skinned like Fabiola, (that’s a bad segu) / Freaky wine(s) like Sheeba (thats a bad segu)/ Atitudee like Jennifer (that’s a bad segu)

The DJ, Emcee and Producer collaboration offers the track a diverse appeal of Acholi, Runyakole and Luganda dialects with English too. Pats Culture features on at the outro of the track.

Unlike, Pryce Teeba’s Musege, Bad Segu plays around the concept of self-made females, determined and working hard for their work regardless of the trade. It could be a Desire (thick thighed cutie), a Fasie (the rap type) or whatever.

Bad Segu is one perfect way to get us back to releases and good music after last night’s #UGHipHopAwards17.

Get here:

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