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When good music comes through we always welcome it, and hip hop that fuses is a good way to start as regards the genres’ exposure and export to other fans. K S L shows off his lyrical dexterity on this one with reggae raga artist Nutty Boi who, in the hook asks do you remember me? An indicator that this one of those joints that  has an artist showing of f  their growth and tell their story from the gutter. 

This is K S L‘s  latest track, third off his upcoming 12 track EP :African Childhood Stories. It  was recorded at Gifted Music group and mastered by Lawraid vybz with  the beat made  by beat So Sliq. Nutty Boi gives the track the necessary melody as K S L delivers  without disappointing with a seasoned rappers swagger. In other words he has is craft uniquely developed as he does floss Kuba oluganda ne eki’ngere” to mean he is fluent with his spit in both Luganda and English.

This is a narrative and a possible street anthem for those seeking that soothing elevation.

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