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Ninja Attitude is among the late projects that were released last year, to be exact it was released around 24 November, 2015. Apparently Ninja C was more of a surprise to the rap scene for some and others another femcee to uphold females on the hip hop power balance. Her project is more of a compilation of tracks that featured on other projects however we are not to take that lightly she has her personal creations too.

Young 24 I pledged allegiance to hip hop

Hands on this project stretch from Baru , JT, Ace B and Abaasar on the production giving her a rich sound from some of the best producers. Many could have said Ninja C was technically still experimenting but with work she brought forth and heat that she maintained justify her remark on her Redefinitions verse, “…am a femcee on a mission

Ninja Attitude is a 12 track mix tape that is kick started by Ninja Attitude (title track) a 56 s track produced by Abaasar as she introduces us to the ninja attitude she has. We are drawn into closely in her world with Best kept secret which is a JT production put together to give her a bossy feel since she is on her best braggadocio as she holds it down for K-Town.  An awesome follow-up is Our time to clarify legend thoughts that she has, that is after time we remember her name. Tucker HD complements the track with a steady flow.

Ninja C
Cover art: Ninja Attitude

Samurae has his hands on our time and so on Telling me too does the magic as Herninjaness does her thing recollecting the come up. Just like any career  path the critics and people will talk and so she didn’t pay much attention is her message on this one even with little experience she experienced a number of things that we are sure have shaped her career.

Work without play is not nice! Disco is that track on this project that has influences from Afro house, Dance music and yet sustained by Ace B‘s bars and Ninja C’s take on the chorus. And even though we love to play the lord gives us all , that preceding sentence can be backed by Pleasure and Pain which is a unique track on this project as she gives it a 50/50 singing and rapping.

She adds Zino Story which also featured on Saint Nelly Sade‘s Stories of Elevation. As a femcee last year she happened to have features on some of the biggest projects such as UG cypher 2 which is track 12 and the last on this humble tape. The All femcee Cypher, Baru’s Redefinitions are among the huge projects she featured on and are also part of this project.

Full speed no breaks, Assasins dont play games..

You and I has JT again on the production for which Ninja C speaks of her Darling certifying that they are forever, you can say she reminisces the time,  falling in love and all those good relationship memories. Saving more fun for the end, Beans and Posho is a remix or redo of Pills and Portion originally  by American Rapper Nicki Minaj. It has HerNinjaness herself, Big Trill, Benezeri, Enygma, Libolo Chai and Sima (both of X Fm) as they recall the time in school, the times of beans and Posho  meal that an avoidable in school.

The Femcee being on a mission this has been Ninja Attitude by Ninja C aka Her Ninjaness which was the biggest win last year that was not so much acknowledged-translation it was slept on!



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