Review: No Apologies-AJO ft Essie promises no chills

Review: No Apologies-AJO ft Essie promises no chills

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From his debut mix-tape AJO promised more versatile projects and he continues to live up to that. With a seemingly steady marketing move as some may be forced to think he lets his music speak most for him as a means to marketing. No Apologies as an EP served that upon its release and up to now. Today AJO has released the title track to this his second full length project, No Apologies. The track is No Apologies and features the sensational vocalist and singer Essie.

You better R.E.S.P.E.C.T Me

The song’s them is very clear in each line given and  as echoed in the hook done by Essie. AJO comes out relentless to whoever may query how far he is doing it and may be wish he shouldn’t go a head. On the flip side he is on his best braggadocio of how he won’t stop being better and bodying these rappers.  It is a feel good attitude about his word smith-ism which is a major theme that pervades his EP and offers, that rawness of art.

No No Apologies

The beat selection is brilliant for the song and he goes hard and definitely hardcore like the mix-tape AJO on Impossible – RMIS. According to him this track …. let me exercise a different flow pattern from what I have done so far with the releases I have made.  it actually a perfect execution. The production is handled very well by Alz Analytical and Nxcco from Portbell Drive. This is his  third release off the No Apologies Ep which follows Kamikaze (2015-Whose video we are still anticipating) and Freak a free style (2015)

Essie equally stands to back up AJO to give the song an ego centered appeal and goes a head to give the song a calm vocal performance; that, is genuinely boisterous and worth the title No Apologies for promising no chills.

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