NuveySHAWN has released ‘Letter 2 Ha’ – Second single off BeWare EP

NuveySHAWN has released ‘Letter 2 Ha’ – Second single off BeWare EP

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It is now official NuveySHAWN’s, ‘Letter 2 Ha’ is out. It follows ‘Steady Regress’, making it the second single off BeWare EP. According the presser on G2, the EP will be out later this year.

“Letter 2 Ha” is the second single off NuveySHAWN’s forthcoming EP, BeWare. The track explores a relationship gone wrong, pains of unrequited love and dealing with depression. He laces the song with allusion, wit and wordplay to express himself.

NuveySHAWN also put this track together as a means to cope with depression as emphasised on the line: Put your rage on a page boy. This also signals one of the themes on the EP: Hope. He uses the track to preach hope after things go wrong in life. And also the importance finding away to be happy:

The track was produced, mixed and mastered  by long time collaborator Mento-X and the beat provided by J.Oliver. On this one He tales a tell of lost love and disappointment.

As we wait for more from him stream/download the track below:

[sdm_download id=”6432″ fancy=”1″]

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