Nvuga Kampala Remix Out – Homage, Love, Fun & who runs KLA Rap?

Nvuga Kampala Remix Out – Homage, Love, Fun & who runs KLA Rap?

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Nvuga Kampala Remix is here who do you think runs rap in KLA right now or who is set to do so?

Pryce Teeba and NTM is a buzz word in Ugandan hip hop lately especially to the suburb Ntinda and the neighbouring areas. Having a fair share of listeners to them and having energetic days and nights (projects) both as a crew and as solo artists.

Here is Nvuga Kampala Remix off Pryce Teeba’s forthcoming mixtape Kash Crop.  Nvuga Kampala simply means “I run Kampala”  in Luganda.  On this he features  respectively; Delboy, Flex D’Paper, Mickey So-Low, H.A.B.O, and  Play 01.  Baru had his hands on the original and he goes a head to spice it further for the remix. The drum patterns are altered a little bit and the arrangement together with transitions differentiate it from the remix. He maintain its original bumpy (insert dab and trap move).

This is likely the posse cut that we needed or have been waiting for. Mr Teeba is working on his third mixtape and one may wonder if he has thoughts of an album yet. None the less the mixtape joints are promising.  He takes the opportunity as always to pay homage to R.I.P Lumix the Don  and shows much love for his bros (likely the ones on the remix, NTM and Dustville).

This remix doesn’t seem to even be a center stage for Mr Teeba even though he directs it with the hook “”. All the rappers bring a different style and flow to the track. Most dominant is the bars and melody approach and distinctly Mickey SoLow gives it a sloppy (intended lagging) and his slow but directional bars.  Play01 always a polarizing factor (emoji of a smile) he maintains a faster flow with wordplay.

Wumula mirembe,  Ngamba Lumix

Wakuza wamala,  laba kye nkola e’no remix  

— Pryce pays homage to his mentor Lumix

Delboy a newer act features on  with a hashtag flow, talks of his wild experiences and being in charge. Flex, The Kampala Boy hails Mr Teeba ” Pryce Teeba  my G, Lord Mayor!” he uniquely offers steady boastful vibe. Similarly echoed through out by Habo who give us a clue of the track’s freshness.  He spits about the UCC move to have all Ugandan mobile users to register phone sim cards.

Nvuga Kampala Remix / Gemix as its being referenced on social media stands a chance of being Pryce Teeba’s lead sing for the forthcoming mixtape.


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