On “Kwetega” and staying Relevant

On “Kwetega” and staying Relevant

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Music has a unique role to play in the development of our personalities and lives. There is something about music that broadens, deepens and enriches our lives. Music brings on enormous amounts of joy and happiness and moves people in profound ways.

The best way to achieve chart success for any musician or creative is to connect with the audience, while of course maintaining and remaining true to their unique artistic ideas and visions; that is where writing for the times comes into play. Creatives should concentrate on connecting with their audiences. There is beauty in relating with an artiste’s or a creative’s work. When the audience can relate with the music or the form of art, they enjoy it better, they understand it and most importantly it stays with them.

Are artistes trying to stay relevant?

Every creative desires for their work to live on, and therefore writing for the times basing on current events, the way of life and trends, speaks directly to the current generation. There is definitely no better way for any form of art to live on than it being carried on to other generations. That is the power of writing for the time. There is also the fact that the particular piece of art will be a success, audiences will love it, enjoy it and there is no doubt that it will top the charts.

Ugandan musicians have hopped onto writing easy to relate to music. Trends especially trending catch phrases have inspired a lot of songs in the music industry. Ruyonga very recently teamed up with Rickman Manrick on the new club banger; “Kwetega”.

“Kwetega” is a trending catch phrase which would simply mean setting oneself up for opportunities. Ugandans have very quickly taken a liking to the song because they in one way or another relate to it, it’s a fun song and the incredible beats even make it more appealing. Ruyonga and Rick’s lyrical genius is evident in the song and it is positioned to hit. The track was produced Josh SB and mastered by Artin. Josh SB still does an amazing job on the visuals.

Should art reflect the current situation?

With all the good things that come out of penning for the now, there are downsides as well. Many of these songs have been great and successful with very many people from the target audience listening and loving them. That however is where the harm lies, “target audience”. They will be hit songs only for when what inspired their creation is still relevant and they will be forgotten as quickly and easily as how they sky rocketed.

So with writing for the times as an inspiration, creatives should come up with works that not only the vast majority of Ugandans, but international audiences can also relate to. That way, their art will live on for generations.

We can’t deny the fact that music is also a great tool to document the present for others to reflect on in the future.

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