On My Own is a solidified mark that J-Wats is growing musically and artistically. It has been a long wait, from the Man of the Year, Representing, some Holla and now On My Own a 16 tracks project.

Mr. Jude Watshaba aka J-Wats according to the album presser features over ten artists from across the continent, some of whom we listened to on Holla Remix. The features are Isaiah Misanvu, The Mith, Xtacy from Ghana, Suunsound, Zesmore, Pryce Teeba, Flex D’ Paper, Del Boy, Play01, Byg Ben, The CEE.

18 May will be an historic day for him and the rest of the industry.

The themes of the album revolve around the grind, relationships, realities of love, friends with benefits, hardships and celebration of his gradual progress in the industry.

He aslo details the come up in the UG Hip Hop scene, the hardships, wins and losses for instance on Holla.

J-Wats ideally is telling a story with this project, the Journey he carved from scratch.

The production team behind the album include some of Kampala’s finest that is fellow Trendsetters Music associates; Rey Macc, Isaiah Misanvu, and The CEE, J-Wats, Baru (Dustville Records) , and Right Beats.

J-Wats informed us that:

On My Own started taking shape two years ago when J-Wats debuted “Holding The Light” as the first single off the album, which was produced by Rey Macc and Isaiah Misanvu (Executive Producers on the album) It was later was followed by “Man Of The Year” which officially introduced him to the industry.

Signed copies of The Album are available today at Kla Ink or Twambale Stores.

He has also made the album available on the Streaming service iTunes.


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