LYET is Otim Darsh’s honest debut. The rapper explores rap’s longest themes, competition and braggadocio owing to his battle rap background. The rapper dives into love, his heritage, staying on the grind (listen to “Process”) and love.

Otim Darsh is Lira’s very own, born and raised in Kampala. In his raps’ he delivers in Luo/Lango, English, Swahili and Luganda almost at the same time. The multi-languages flow is definitely delighting.

The EP was released on August 1st 2021 under independent label Mobb Music Africa

On the EP he raps as a competitor to his peers, story teller and game kicker. His voice carries rawness, days of patience and attention to the mic business. He has an effortless East African feel already as he reports straight outta the gutter. He knows if you don’t get it today, tomorrow is another day to strive and also knows betrayal comes easily so be cautious.

Darsh also briefly references the war in Northern Uganda spear headed by LRA leader Joseph Kony. He bigs up survivors and promises hope.

LYET is raw, honest and entertaining. Its titular track “Lyet” which means hot in Luo is number five out of 6 tracks produced by Wana. The entire EP features Shemy B and X Black on “Moving Out” produced by Itom, Kodan as producer on “Chunya” and also as a rapper on “Here to stay” produced by Mio Made. On “I’ll Be De” features Riddym256 produced by Wana.

Listen Below:


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