Payne Keelah drops the mic, picks up the needle as DJ Payne

Payne Keelah drops the mic, picks up the needle as DJ Payne

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Payne Keelah took to his Facebook page to declare  unexpected news earlier on today. He declared that he would be taking some time off music as an active rapper to explore his Deejaying career. This came as a shock to most of his core fans. He had shown will to release music especially after his impressive  I Feel Your Pain – an ode to all artists grinding.

In a statement he said:

For those of you who have been following my music you must be wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately. I’m taking some time off from music to focus on my DJ Career. I like rapping and making tracks but it can’t pay the bills at least from my experience.

Never thought I would ever say this but, Good bye #UgHiphop. Peace to everyone that supported me throughout.


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Payne Keelah or now Deejay Payne had released several EP’s, battled several rappers and has been enthusiastic about hip hop. The decision is comes from almost a frustrated point of view and seems Deejaying is more lucrative.

We wish Deejay Payne all the best in the new found field, hoping all ends are met.

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