Episode 15 : Ninja C on more skills for rappers, objective listening & more

Episode 15 : Ninja C on more skills for rappers, objective listening & more
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To wrap up the FEMCEE Month, I got in touch with one of UG’s finest femcees, rapper: Ninja C also addressed as @Herninjaness. The episode was recorded at Port Bell Drive. We jumped into a brief review of Ninja Attitude  the review was picky  but revealing of certain things we didn’t know. Ninja C reveals how she got into this thing called, HIP HOP. As she turned a dare as an initiation into rap music/ Hip Hop. The conversation was lengthy and well ended with her giving us that exclusive performance of her Redefinitions verse.

Important Aspects highlighted in the  episode:
  • “I didn’t see my self getting into hip hop”
  • “The more skills you have in the music industry the better for you”
  • Keko made me realise there are many more rappers.
  • Hip Hop has rules but it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment.
  • Femcees need to push more…

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